The Dentist Who Killed Cecil The Lion Apologizes — For The Temporary ‘Inconvenience’ To His Patients!

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Dr. Walter J. Palmer, the dentist who killed Cecil the Lion, is unlikely to face any legal consequences for his murderous actions.

Because Cecil wasn’t killed on protected land, there’s a good chance he’ll just get away with it. Well, legally.

Socially, he’s going to have a tough time, starting with his dental practice.

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Besides gathering and leaving signs and stuffed animals at Palmer’s actual offices, protesters have also taken their fight online, posting hundreds of one-star Yelp reviews for his practice.

Of course, it’s Yelp, so he may be able to pay to remove those eventually, but for now it’s all just too much; he’s had to shut down business temporarily.

And for that he’s truly sorry.

Palmer penned a letter to his patients apologizing for the inconvenience, saying:

“To my valued patients. As you may have already heard, I have been in the news over the last few days for reasons that have nothing to do with my profession or the care I provide for you.

I want you to know of this situation and my involvement. In addition to spending time with my family, one of my passions outside dentistry is hunting. I’ve been a life-long hunter since I was a child growing up in North Dakota.

I don’t often talk about hunting with my patients because it can be a divisive and emotionally charged topic. I understand and respect that not everyone shares the same views on hunting.”

Palmer goes on to repeat that what he did was legal and that he was simply following his guides on the hunt. He also reminds his patients that he didn’t know which lion he was “taking.”

While killing a beloved animal may not bother him, it seems those protesters have. He writes:

“The media interest in this matter ├óΓé¼ΓÇ£ along with a substantial number of comments and calls from people who are angered by this situation and by the practice of hunting in general ├óΓé¼ΓÇ£ has disrupted our business and our ability to see our patients.

For that disruption, I apologize profoundly for this inconvenience and promise you that we will do our best to resume normal operations as soon as possible.”

So what we’re reading is that he’s more sorry his business has to close than that he killed a national treasure.

Is there no contrition at all here??

We’re guessing not. At the end of the day to guys like this, a lion is a lion. And all that’s good for is as a trophy.

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Jul 30, 2015 10:06am PDT

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