Donald Trump Defends Himself Against The Time He Called A Female Lawyer ‘A Vicious, Horrible Person’ For Asking To Breast Pump During A Deposition!

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Are you sick and tired of him yet???

Donald Trump recently did an interview with CNN in attempt to defend himself against Elizabeth Beck, who claims that Trump had a meltdown when she wanted to take her agreed upon break to pump her breasts.

Beck explained that years ago, she had a three-month-old child while she was in a court battle against Trump. She says she had an agreement with Trump’s lawyers to take a break so that Beck could pump, but when it came time for the break, Trump shook his finger, and screamed “you’re disgusting, you’re disgusting.”

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Well Donald did his best in an interview with Dana Bash (below) to defend himself against Beck, unfortunately for him, he still comes off sounding like an ass.

Regardless of whether or not Beck had an agreement, in the CNN interview Trump spends the first part just trashing how bad of an attorney she is and constantly bragging that he won the case, even bringing up how rare it was that he won legal fees — all of which have NOTHING to do with her breast pumping.

Not only that, he claims that she wanted to breast pump in front of him and says how “disgusting” he thinks that is. THEN he goes on to call her “a vicious, horrible person” and somehow tries to put words in Beck’s mouth by saying she claims to be “the great expert on Donald Trump.”

Calling her “a vicious, horrible person” is quite a statement and seems VERY hypocritical especially when he goes on to compare himself to Michael Jackson in the sense that people judged and made claims about Jackson without personally knowing him.

Here, Trump is calling her “vicious” — a term we’d probably reserve for people like murders who have malicious intent. To be fair to Trump though, we don’t know what or HOW Beck was going to use that breast milk! LOLz!

To top it off, the presidential candidate — yeah we know, we still can’t believe it either — rudely talks over top of Bush and doesn’t let her finish her question.

If you need to see the extremely frustrating interview for yourself, check it out (below) and be prepared to be somehow even MORE frustrated with Trump!

And if you want Beck’s take on the story, where she actually stays focused on the question and is polite to her interviewer:

[Image via WENN.]

Jul 30, 2015 12:17pm PDT

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