People Like Mia Farrow Have Caused Killer Of Cecil The Lion To Need Police Protection — See What She Did & The Measures Police Are Taking!

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We can’t say that we agree with this!

Even though Mia Farrow had her heart in the right place trying to stand up against Dr. Walter Palmer — the man who killed Cecil the Lion — we think she went about it the wrong way!

Yesterday, the actress took to Twitter to share Palmer’s business address with her followers!

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Thankfully, we weren’t the only one who thought it was wrong! Several of Farrow’s followers jumped on her right away for sharing what they assumed was the home address and even went as far as to call for her account to be suspended! One Tweet in response read:

“Are you trying to send a mob?”

While another stated:

“I hate what he did, but giving out his address isn’t the way to go.”

We couldn’t agree more! We think what he did was heinous, but doing something like sharing an address of his of any kind seems like it’s only asking for violence of some sort!

Well now, police in Eden Prairie, MN — where Dr. Palmer lives — feel they have to increase their security on the doctor’s home. Though it’s not because of Farrow’s actions alone, there’s no doubt police feel they need to add extra protection because of people who have a similar mentality as the 70-year-old actress!

Due to all kinds of online threats and the backlash Dr. Palmer has received, police find it necessary to increase the frequency of drive-bys in his neighborhood and they’re currently on high alert for any suspicious activity!

What Palmer did was absolutely disgusting, but at the end of the day, he shouldn’t have to be fearful for his life because of his actions. Though we wish there was some sort of just punishment instilling fear is not the answer. Hopefully calmer heads will prevail and no one will act on their impulses!

[Image via Andres Otero/Facebook/WENN.]

Jul 30, 2015 7:28am PDT

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