Chris Hemsworth Talks About THAT Scene In Vacation & Choosing The Biggest Penis Possible!

chris hemsworth vacatin penis scene

We’ll still pretend it’s real!

Earlier this week, the stars were out for Vacation‘s Los Angeles premiere including Chris Hemsworth who stole a couple of scenes!

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Most notably, the scene EVERYONE probably remembers from the trailer when Hemsworth’s character Stone Crandall walks into the bedroom in his underwear and sports washboard abs and QUITE the trouser snake!

While at the premiere, actor from down under talked a bit about the process of going through to prosthetically enhance his own region down under for the scene! When going through all the prosthetic penises, he ultimately chose the biggest size:

“We went bigger, bold!”

He also admits:

“I was intimidated by that set and that scene and oh man, but this is why I got into the business to have fun, and this is fun. It was embarrassing, hilarious and probably more for other people than me.”

Surprisingly enough, that wasn’t what got the the star of the film, Ed Helms‘ attention though as he was more distracted by the Aussie’s abs! Helms said:

“I didn’t know his abs were going to be that amazing – I actually washed my clothes on his abs, I used his abs as an actual washboard”

But this was perhaps because he claims to have known ahead of time about the size of the penis since the funnyman said:

“They moulded it off me.”


Well we’re glad to hear Hemsworth had a blast doing the comedy, and if we’re lucky we might sneak a peek at those washboard abs again when he does another big comedy in the upcoming Ghostbusters reboot!

[Image via New Line Cinema]

Jul 31, 2015 1:21pm PDT

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