Donald Trump Reveals Genius Plan For Building Stronger Mexican Border — ‘I Will Build The Wall & Mexico’s Going To Pay For It’!

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Donald Trump seems to have one main focus for his presidential campaign — to bulk up the Mexican border!

The presidential hopeful already got a ton of heat for his comments about Mexican immigrants, but he is still seems to be adamant that strengthening the southern border will fix all of our problems!

On Friday, the 69-year-old strongly claimed that not only he would build a wall along the Mexican border — but also that Mexico would be “happy to pay for it!”

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That’s right! The billionaire asserts that his expert negotiation skills will coerce a country who he deemed to be full of rapists and drug addicts to pay for a stronger U.S. border! Speaking to CNN, he elaborated:

“I will build the wall and Mexico’s going to pay for it and they will be happy to pay for it. Because Mexico is making so much money from the United States that that’s going to be peanuts. And all these other characters say, ‘Oh, they won’t pay, they won’t pay.’ They don’t know the first thing about how to negotiate. Trust me, Mexico will pay.”

While confident in his methods, The Donald has yet to divulge any details on how the wall would be built or how much it would be cost — but reports are saying that his immigration proposals would likely cost billions of dollars!

Check out the clip (below) to hear the words straight from the horse’s mouth!

[Image via Twitter.]

Jul 31, 2015 2:38pm PDT

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