Disgraced Former Subway Spokesman Jared Fogle Allegedly Paid For Sex With A 16-Year Old Girl

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Former Subway spokesman Jared Fogle is in hot water again, this time because of an affidavit that revealed text messages sent between him and a former Subway franchise owner with whom he was sexually involved.

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In the disgusting text messages, Fogle allegedly asks the woman to advertise herself on Craigslist (to sell sex!!), while also claiming he paid for sex with a 16-year-old girl.

What the what?! The woman says she shared the messages with Subway management (the company says they have no record of her complaint), but either way, the texts don’t paint a good picture of Jared.

In one message, the weight loss wizard was trying to get the woman to involve her (at the time) underage cousin in a threesome back in May 2008:

“Any more news with your cousin? Tell me what u think about when u think of the three of us all together???”

Jared, no!! The previous month, he had allegedly asked the woman if she were into younger partners, too, implying something nefarious:

“How young would you like? … Would you want to have an adventure like that?”

And the cherry on top of this disgusting story involved Jared, in June of 2008, acknowledging he paid for sex with a 16-year-old girl. After the woman texted him the following:

“Is this the same website you found that 16 year old girl you that you f*****? …I still can’t believe you only paid $100 for her.”

Jared responded:

“It was amazing!!!!”

If it feels like you need to take a shower after reading that disgusting exchange… you’re not alone.

What do U think about Jared’s alleged interest in very young girls??

[Image via Nikki Nelson/WENN.]

Aug 1, 2015 11:49am PST

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