Channing Tatum Is FINALLY Confirmed To Play THIS Character — See Who He’s Playing & Why It Took So Long!

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We can finally relax!

Good news has come for the world of comic book and superhero fans!

That’s because, despite the rumors last week that Channing Tatum might be exiting the much hyped X-Men spinoff movie, Gambit, it has now been confirmed that the 35-year-old actor is going to play Cajun, card-throwing mutant!

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Sources confirmed though that Fox — the studio that owns the rights to X-Men characters — did hit a little trouble in negotiations with the Magic Mike star. However, despite there always being a chance Tatum could have backed out, it was unlikely due to the time and energy that he had already put into the project over the last couple of years.

Reports say that the snag that lead to the rumors had to do with how much Tatum would be involved in the X-Men universe. Since Hugh Jackman is about to shoot his last film as Wolverine, we imagine Fox is looking for a new anchor that can carry solo movies in the X-Men franchise.

We don’t know the extent of how many pictures Tatum is signed on for, but we’re guessing the studio wanted to lock him down for quite a few movies. There was also supposedly the little tidbit of backend compensation that had to be negotiated — again we don’t know which party was unhappy with the deal on the table, but it helped add fuel to the fire of Channing’s exit.

Regardless of how many films Tatum will play Gambit in, we’re just excited we’ll be getting at least one round with the Ragin’ Cajun!

Make sure you mark your calendars for Gambit as it already has a release date marked for Oct. 7, 2016!

[Image via Marvel/FayesVision/WENN.]

Aug 3, 2015 12:11pm PDT

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