A Second American Doctor Is In Hot Water Over Killing A Zimbabwean Lion!

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When it rains, it pours, unfortunately!

After Cecil the lion’s death swept across the Internet last week, and his brother Jericho‘s near-death was front and center this past weekend, now we are getting word that yet another American doctor — this time, a gynecologist from Pennsylvania — has killed a lion in Zimbabwe without a permit.

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Back in April, doctor Jan Casmir Seski of Pennsylvania traveled to Zimbabwe, where he took part in a hunt headed by a safari organizer named Headman Sibanda. Sibanda was one of the men arrested in a crackdown following Cecil’s death at the hands of Dr. Walter Palmer, and his involvement with Seski is just now coming to light.

Caroline Washaya-Moyo, the head of Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority, said in a statement referencing Seski’s hunt a few months ago:

“Headman Sibanda’s case is in connection with a lion that was killed by the other American in April.”

So it’d seem Sibanda is in legal hot water for Seski’s lion kill rather than Palmer’s — at least for now.

Seski is something of a prolific bow hunter, with sources claiming he’s killed at least six elephants during trips to Africa, much like the one with which he is pictured (above).

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In the meantime, Zimbabwe has banned the hunting of lions, leopards, elephants, and other animals around their parks in an effort to find a solution to issues like those surrounding Seski and Palmer.

No comment yet on any response from Seski, though judging by the backlash Palmer received, the Pennsylvania doctor might be in for a rough week.

[Image via GrizzlyStik/Facebook.]

Aug 3, 2015 10:28am PDT

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