Talk About Shark Week! Pro Surfer Mick Fanning Had ANOTHER Shark Encounter His First Time Back In The Water!

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Talk about bad luck — or maybe, since he wasn’t injured, really good luck!

Pro surfer Mick Fanning was the subject of international news recently when he withstood a shark, uhh, saying hello to him during a pro surfing competition in South Africa.

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Crazy, right?! And then everybody moved on. Except for the sharks!!

Fanning told a reporter that his very first time back in the water six days after the near-attack in South Africa, he was tailed by another shark in Australia! What the what?! Does this guy have, like, shark magnets in his clothes or something?!

As crazy as it is, at least we can all be thankful he wasn’t seriously injured in either encounter — and let’s hope that maybe the sharks will cut him a break for at least a few weeks!

What do U think — if you had a close call with a shark in the open ocean, would you head back out so soon?! What if it happened twice in one week??

[Image via NBC/Today Show.]

Aug 3, 2015 2:03pm PDT

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