True Detective Killed Off A Major Character — For Real This Time!

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The last time True Detective season 2 killed off one of its main characters, it turned out to be a smokescreen — more of a TV cliffhanger than the type on HBO.

But on Sunday night’s penultimate episode, someone finally met their ultimate end.

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After last week’s deadly sex party (you don’t get to say that on every recap), the team is running their renegade murder investigation out of a seedy motel.

Say what you want about this season, but it doesn’t get much more pulpy than that.


Unfortunately, it’s not just the police who are looking for our fugitive heroes.

Thugs from the Catalyst Group found Paul (Taylor Kitsch) through his soldier buddy with benefits Miguel — who it turns out was working for them!

After they threaten him with blackmail, he takes his chance and runs for it.

Unfortunately, he can’t get past crooked cop Burris (James Frain), who shoots him twice in the back. And not with buckshot.

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Elsewhere, everything else is coming to a head.

Ray and Ani (Colin Farrell and Rachel McAdams) finally break their sexual tension after some heart-to-heart talk.

And Frank (Vince Vaughn), upon discovering he was betrayed by his own people, decides to burn down his entire operation and get the heck out of Vinci.

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Who will make it out of next week’s finale in one piece??

After the previous two episodes, we’re pretty sure everything will pay off. Though we may need to steal some documents from a deadly sex party to understand it all.

Guess we’ll find out next Sunday!

[Image via HBO.]

Aug 3, 2015 10:34am PDT

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