Should We Worry About Caitlyn Jenner’s TV Career? Ratings Drop For The Second Episode Of I Am Cait!

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Well, Caitlyn Jenner‘s time at the very top of the national conversation was bound to run out sometime.

And now that ratings for the second episode of I Am Cait are coming in, it appears that while still very successful, the reality show shed viewers compared to its strong opening week.

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Jenner’s docuseries did a 0.57 rating amongst 18-49 year olds on Sunday night, which makes it the 13th most popular show on television. Looking at the big picture, that’s nothing to be ashamed of for the transitioning role model!

But total viewers were down — way down — from an opening week that saw 2.7 million tune in live for the premiere with more than 6 million total watching as it was broadcast several times over night on E! network last week.

For episode two, Jenner’s reality show had slightly less than 1.3 million viewers for the first airing on Sunday evening, or about half of the viewership of the previous week!

Any cause for concern?! Well, many shows have a significant drop-off after the premiere episode, and Jenner’s is still doing very well on Sunday night. The conversation around the transgender community is still happening, and that is so important even if the ratings won’t always reflect that.

What do U think — have U been watching I Am Cait?! What do U think of it??

[Image via Alberto Reyes/WENN.]

Aug 4, 2015 2:03pm PDT

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