Hillary Clinton Destroys Republican Candidate Jeb Bush In Defense Of Women’s Health Issues! Find Out Why She Thinks He’s ‘Out Of Touch And Out Of Date’

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Let the heated political debates begin!

Hillary Clinton put Republican presidential nominee Jeb Bush on blast after he brushed off women’s health issues.

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On Tuesday, the former Florida governor met at the Southern Baptist Convention when he started to discuss Planned Parenthood. He said:

“I’m not sure we need a half a billion dollars for women’s health issues.”

Clinton soon went after her GOP rival on Twitter in defense, simply stating:

While Bush released a statement on his website saying he “misspoke” in that original comment, he responded to the Democratic front-runner and made sure to appeal to his audience:

At an organizing event in Denver on Tuesday night, Clinton spoke more on the subject of women’s health and how Bush’s statements were a clear reflection of the republican party!

“Just today we got another window into what Republican candidates really believe. Jeb Bush said he’s not sure we need half a billion dollars for women’s health issues. Now, he’s got no problem giving billions of dollars away to super-wealthy and powerful corporations, but I guess women’s health just isn’t a priority for him.”

This heated debate comes amidst a series of undercover videos that shared Planned Parenthood Federation of America‘s shocking abortion practices — which ignited a Republican effort to strip the group of its federal funding.

While Clinton called the videos “disturbing,” she still stands by the organization. She continued:

“This really isn’t complicated. When you attack Planned Parenthood, you attack women’s health. When you attack women’s health, you attack America’s health. The truth is, what Jeb said, the other Republican candidates believe, too, and that’s not the only example of them being out of touch and out of date.”

Which candidate do YOU agree with?

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Aug 5, 2015 5:22pm PDT

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