Arby’s Honors Jon Stewart With New Sandwich & Golden Girls-Style Tribute — And It Cost Nearly Half A Million Bucks!

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Over the years, one target has taken more sass from Jon Stewart than any other.

No, not Fox News or Donald Trump — fast food sandwich chain Arby’s.

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But since The Daily Show‘s endless ribbing of the roast beef restaurant has only served to help business, the company decided to say goodbye to Jon with two new ads — that cost them a pretty penny.

The first (below) is a highlight reel of the best of Stewart’s slams set to the Golden Girls theme song Thank You For Being A Friend:

The second introduces a brand new sandwich called The Daily Deli to honor their outgoing enemy:


Together, the two ads — which will air on Thursday night’s finale — likely cost about a half a million dollars.

Arby’s wouldn’t divulge the cost of their ads, but other businesses have admitted to paying a premium $230,000 for a single 30-second spot during Jon’s final show.

$460k?? That’s a lot of beef!

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Meanwhile, as Jon leaves, it turns out Trevor Noah won’t be taking his seat behind the desk after all.

The seat and the desk and the whole Daily Show set as we know it are being donated to the Newseum, an interactive news museum in Washington, D.C.

So if you’re in our nation’s capital and find yourself really missing your fave fake news show, you can still visit.

You know what? There’s probably an Arby’s on the way.

[Image via Comedy Central.]

Aug 6, 2015 10:13am PDT

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