Father Of The Ear! Dad Gets A Cochlear Implant Tattoo To Support His Hearing-Impaired Daughter!

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This is so cool!

Alistair Campbell, father of six-year-old Charlotte got a very memorable tattoo — and it was all for his daughter!

Charlotte has had hearing problems from a very young age, and doctors have given her two cochlear implants to use so she can hear better.

[ Video: Deaf Boy Hearing His Mother For The First Time With A Cochlear Implant Is Incredible! ]

So Alistair did what any Dad-of-the-Year would do — he shaved his head and got a tattoo of a cochlear implant behind his ear to make Charlotte feel less alone with the device!


Speaking to reporters, Alistair was pretty calm about the ordeal:

“The reaction have been overwhelming, mostly positive. Some negative comments have surfaced, they don’t bother me, we’re doing what is best for our daughter and our family.”

Noting that his hair can grow back, Alistair was more interested in Charlotte’s journey with the cochlear implants, and how they have changed life for his beloved daughter:

“It has changed her life being given the gift of sound.”

So sweet!! Alistair is definitely a super dad.

[Image via Anita-Alistair Campbell/Facebook.]

Aug 7, 2015 5:19pm PDT

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