Yolanda Foster’s Health Is Doing Better Than Ever & You Won’t Believe The Crazy Reason Why!

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We’re so happy for Yolanda Foster!

After battling intense symptoms of lyme disease for months, Yolanda has found the solution for her health troubles. While Foster will never be fully cured of the disease, she learned what has been exacerbating her symptoms.

In the past year, the reality star lost the ability to read, write, or even watch TV.

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According to the model, her doctor found a LEAKING BREAST IMPLANT which is so obviously not good thing for one’s health.

The doc found the issue through ultra-sound mapping and subsequently recommended that she remove the offending implant right away.

Since the surgery, Yolanda is reportedly feeling much better which is AWESOME news to hear.

Gigi Hadid‘s mom shared her excitement over the discovery with her Instagram followers, writing:

“├ó┬¥┬ñ├»┬╕┬ÅTurn a mess into a message……. We might have hit the jackpot by finding all this silicone from a 20 year old implant rupture through ultrasound mapping as shown in this selfie. Thank you Dr.Feng for holding my hand and leading the way #UncoveringTheMystery#ChronicLymeDisease #ExPlantSurgery@FengClinic #MyHealthJourney#DeterminedToFindACure.”

Woot! We hope this turn of events is exactly what YL needs to get back on track! Girl has been sick for way too long!

Stay strong, Yolanda!

[Image via Instagram.]

Aug 7, 2015 6:31pm PDT

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