Annie Lennox’s Daughter Involved In Kayaking Accident — Boyfriend Still Missing After Tali Rescued From Water

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This is so scary.

Annie Lennox‘s daughter Tali and her boyfriend Ian Jones were kayaking on the Hudson River in upstate New York on Saturday, when their kayak flipped, sending both of them into the water.

Tali, 22, was fortunately rescued by a passing boat during the mayhem, but in the uncertainty, she lost track of Ian, 32, and he now remains missing after a full day in the river.

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According to the Dutchess County Sheriff’s Office, after Tali had been picked up by the boat, authorities arrived and began searching for Ian. They spent the entire day Saturday looking for him, but had to suspend their search on Saturday evening when water conditions became too rough.

Though the search efforts resumed Sunday, the current was apparently still strong, and there’s a very real chance that Ian could have drowned since the couple was not wearing life jackets.

So sad. Our thoughts are with these two and their loved ones during this very scary and uncertain time.

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Aug 9, 2015 12:38pm PDT

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