NHL Star Accused Of Rape — And This Horrific Victim-Blaming Defense Will Turn Your Stomach!

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Saturday should have been one of the best days of Patrick Kane‘s life.

Every hockey player that wins the championship in the NHL — the Stanley Cup — gets one day to take the trophy wherever they like, be it visiting family, friends, loved ones, or fans.

And for 26-year-old Kane, a hockey superstar who won the trophy this past season with the Chicago Blackhawks, Saturday was to be his day to take the trophy to his hometown of Buffalo, New York and parade around, basking in the glory.

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Only there will now be no glory, and Kane’s cup celebration was limited to family members inside his home, because Kane has been accused of rape — and the details of the alleged event, which reportedly took place last weekend, are incredibly disturbing.

According to the Buffalo News, Kane allegedly met a woman in a bar and took her home — but what supposedly followed was NOT consensual:

“The woman alleges that Kane invited her and a female friend to his home for a private party after they met him last Saturday night at SkyBar, a popular nightclub on Franklin Street … Shortly after she and her friend arrived at Kane’s home on Old Lakeshore Road, the accuser alleges that she went by herself into another room, where Kane followed her, overpowered her and raped her.”

Sources also relay the woman’s terror at the alleged event:

“The woman left Kane’s home with her friend and used a cellphone to call a relative immediately after the alleged attack. She then went to a local hospital for examination, and police were called afterward, the sources said … A person who knows the woman described her as frantic and traumatized when she called her relative to report what happened.”

While not nearly as disturbing as the alleged rape itself, and perhaps to be expected considering his star status in hockey, witnesses are already coming out of the woodwork blaming the victim for “hanging on” Kane at the bar all night.

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Mark Croce, the owner of SkyBar where Kane allegedly picked up the alleged victim, felt the need to inform everybody that the woman was “hanging all over” Kane that night at the bar, and that she was “being very forward, very flirtatious with him” — as if any of that makes a difference when it comes time for consent.

He told the paper:

“It was almost like she stationed herself near him and was keeping other women away from him. I noticed it and kind of laughed about it.”

Nothing like the good ol’ boys club defending a superstar athlete by blaming a possible victim.

Kane is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, of course — but that fact doesn’t mean it’s OK to start blaming victims.

[Image via Patrick Kane/Twitter.]

Aug 10, 2015 11:40am PDT

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