Caitlyn Jenner Discovered Her New Breasts Are Useful In An I Am Cait Deleted Scene — Plus, Next Week’s Teaser!

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Just another thing about being a girl!

Sunday night’s episode of I Am Cait showed both the serious and the frivolous, but one thing it didn’t show is a deleted scene floating around the Internet that has to do with… Caitlyn Jenner‘s nipples?!

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Yes! In a scene that never made it to air, Caitlyn discusses going roller skating with the girls, who immediately notice that it’s, um, a little cold outside where they are! LOLz!!

Jenner walked out on to a balcony to meet her friends — who were discussing the group’s trip earlier that day where they met transgender women of color like Blossom Brown — and asked everybody to go roller skating:

“Let’s go roller-skating! Come on, girls. God it’s freezing out here!”

The girls’ quickly noticed that, um, yes, it was cold out there — and just by looking at Caitlyn, you could tell! HA!!

Cait’s friend Jen Richards said of Jenner’s noticeable nipple show:

“We can tell. It’s a nice little thermostat you have.”

LOLz — just another perk of being a woman that Caitlyn is discovering, maybe?!

All that and we’ve already got a promo for the next episode of I Am Cait! Ch-ch-check out the family drama on the docu series due up this Sunday at 8pm ET on E! (below):

The Kardashian girls are baa-aack!

[Image via E!]

Aug 11, 2015 9:47am PDT

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