Why Wasn’t This Invented Earlier?? A Cap That Detects If Milk Is Spoiled Might Be On The Way To Your Fridge!

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Relax, Joey Tribbiani, you can finish your milk later — leaving you more time to get mad about not getting invited to Friends‘ weddings!

Now thanks to some new technology, you’ll know exactly when your 2% is 2 far past the expiration date!

Researchers at the University of California have just discovered a method to tell definitively whether milk is spoiled — and it’s all in the cap!

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UC-Berkeley‘s Casey Glick and Chen Yang have been working on an electronic bottle cap that runs the properties of milk to determine whether it’s been spoiled.

Yang said of the device, which passes a tiny radio signal through a small amount of milk stuck in the cap and reports its findings:

“The drop of the electrical signal is indicating the milk gets spoiled. We believe that’s because the growth of the bacteria is gradually changing the electrical property of the milk.”

Yang and Glick believe that as milk gets spoiled, its properties very gradually change.

With a cap that reads electrical current and more, you could one day be able to tell whether the milk is still good without having to trust your nose, which for some of us can be difficult!

The process is still a long way from being ready for the public — currently, each cap is made with a 3D printer, meaning the process to finish just one cap takes about nine hours — but obviously this is a huge development that could lead to some cool stuff!

Yay science!

Aug 11, 2015 4:35pm PDT

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