Pretty Little Liars Finally Reveals Who A Is… And It’s Actually Not A Cop Out Like Last Time!

***Warning! Massive Pretty Little Liars Spoilers***

We were not expecting that… but we’re completely blown away!

It’s been over five years since Pretty Little Liars premiered and, honestly, we never thought we’d actually get any answers!

Well, that all changed on Tuesday night’s Summer Finale of the hit ABC Family series, because we finally learned who A is!

And we’re not talking some wacky Mona reveal or a character we’ve never met, because the true identity of Charles caught us completely off guard.

Are you reAdy??

The episode begins with the girls getting led to a hotel suite with a secret room where they can see Alison and Charles at Radley over surveillance camera.

And that’s when Charles turns around to show us that he is none other than CeCe!!!

Apparently Charles was actually a transgender female who was assigned male at birth and sent to an insane asylum simply because her couldn’t accept her; meaning, CeCe is Jason’s twin and Ali’s older sister!

CeCe continues to retell all of events from the past five seasons with perfect explanations for every question we’ve ever had.

It seriously was a Summer of answers, and we’re very sorry we ever doubted PLL because the mystery of A is finally solved!

Ch-ch-check out the ultimate reveal five years in the making (above)!!!

P.S. Props to Vanessa Ray on such amazing acting throughout the hour!

Aug 11, 2015 9:04pm PDT

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