Bill Cosby Faces More Accusations As Three More Alleged Victims Come Forward Claiming He Sexually Assaulted And Harassed Them

3 more victims open up about their alleged experiences with Bill Cosby.

This is just so sad.

Three new women have come forward against Bill Cosby, saying they were sexually assaulted by the 78-year-old.

Linda Ridgeway Whitedeer, Colleen Hughes, and Eden Tirl opened up during a Los Angeles press conference on Tuesday held by Gloria Allred, who is currently representing over 21 of Mr. Cosby’s accusers.

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Linda was an actress who appeared in The Mechanic, and looked visibly distraught as she told her story.

She claims Bill led her to the director’s office, where he proceeded to assault her orally, during what she had believed was going to be a job interview.

She even said that afterward he told her she had been “blessed with [his] semen.” Linda said she was not under the influence of drugs at the time.

Colleen was a flight attendant for American Airlines. She says she met Bill on a flight to LA, and he flirted with her throughout the flight.

He had invited her to a lunch in Beverly Hills with another stewardess, and would accompany them to a hotel room so they could clean up after the trip.

However, she says the other flight attendant never showed. So, she and Bill went to the resort by themselves where he handed her a glass of champagne.

Colleen claims after drinking the beverage, the last thing she remembered was the actor trying to hold her hand before waking up later that afternoon, explaining that she felt semen on the small of her back, and her clothes were all over the hotel room.

She says that while she was drugged, it was clear that he didn’t use a condom when he assaulted her.

Eden was an actress who met Bill after a taping of his titular sitcom. She said after meeting him, she got cast as a cop on the show, and even had her own private dressing room.

During her first day on set, the actor invited Eden to lunch in his own room. She sat on his couch to wait for him, but he never appeared.

This happened a few more times before she approached an exec about not wanting to miss rehearsal for these lunch meetings, but she was dismissed.

Then one day, Bill finally showed up to his dressing room and immediately locked the door behind him.

Eden claims she tried to change the mood by saying:

“You are chocolate pudding pops and Fat Albert to me. You are my childhood.”

She says he responded by saying:

“Don’t say that. They all say that.”

Eden alleges that Bill then proceeded to do a mirror acting exercise with her, and then pulled her into to him and wrapped his arms around her. She says he whispered in her ear:

“See, that’s all we were going to do, make love. That’s making love.”

Eden says what happened with her and the actor was sexual harassment.

Thirty-five other alleged victims have posed publicly on the cover of New York Magazine, to show solidarity and suggest that there could be others who could come forward.

Another accuser, Judy Huth, is currently locked in a legal battle with the Cosby Show star, which will move forward in October, when Bill will be deposed on the 9th.

It is too late for any of these new alleged victims to pursue legal action, but Gloria says they are still free to share their stories.

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Aug 12, 2015 3:51pm PDT

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