Sam Smith SHUTS DOWN Homophobia Online With Total Grace! See What He Said HERE!

sam smith homophobia online

Who doesn’t love Sam Smith?!

Well, we’ll get to that.

On Tuesday, the Grammy winner took to Instagram to highlight some of the homophobia he has to deal with as an out and proud celebrity.

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But instead of just putting his trolls on blast, he did something even better!

Sam posted:

Well said, Sam!

The British cutie shared the image with his 4.5 million followers not only to call out the particular troll, but also to show that there is still a lot of ignorance out there in the world. Whomp, whomp.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the Lay Me Down singer’s first time dealing with the offensive slur. In fact, the 23-year-old revealed back in March that he dealt with bullies in his past, especially as his fellow peers used to call him “f*ggot.” Whoa.

Nonetheless, Sam also relayed how he overcame the torment in his youth.

He shared:

“I came out at the end of year seven when I was 11. That shut a lot of the bullies up. I also made friends with some really nice girls and was singing. I’d like to think I was a nice person and people respected me at my school.”


The talented musician even shared that he was once the victim of a homophobic assault when he first moved to London. How sad.

Regardless, it seems everything is now on the up-and-up for Sam and it appears that the performer is looking to use his recent fame to be a role model for the gay community.

Bravo! Keep doing you, Sam — we think you’re SLAYING it right now!

[Image via Instagram.]

Aug 12, 2015 9:24am PDT

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