Absolutely Disgusting! A High School Basketball Star’s Picture Was Removed From The Yearbook After He Came Out As Gay!

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This situation is all kinds of wrong!

A teenager in Kentucky allegedly had his yearbook photo removed for one reason: he’s gay.

According to Dalton Maldonado, who played on Betsy Layne High School‘s basketball team for THREE YEARS, he was removed from the team’s yearbook page.

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The page featured every single player EXCEPT him, and seeing as he was a starting point guard it’s a glaring omission.

Obviously, Dalton didn’t find the missing picture coincidental considering he just came out as gay earlier that year! The athlete explained:

“I would hear things that teachers would say, and many media outlets would say I ‘claimed’ this happened in spite of the pictures and text messages I had from my coaches as proof. Then I had a person officiated with the school tell me what they had learned about the school attempting to cover up the whole story. I recently saw my senior yearbook, I flipped right to the sports basketball page only to find my senior basketball picture missing…which devastated me.”

So sad! The teenager’s sexuality should have played no role in his yearbook photos! It’s also disturbing if in fact the school is participating in a cover up.

In a recent update, the student added:

“Earlier today, after receiving many good wishes and lots of support from all over the country, I received a call from the superintendent of schools. He told me that I was in the annual fifteen times, and that they may have over looked my senior basketball picture. He went on to say that they were going to make a new annual and he hoped I knew they were so proud of me. However, here is the picture that should have been in the yearbook, along with the rest of the senior basketball players! They took Outsports’ first article about my experience and swept it under the rug, as if the harassment and humiliation never happened! I refuse to let this happen again! I was a senior point guard who had played for three years, and I was even in the center of the team picture. I don’t care if I was in other parts 100 times, my individual picture wasn’t in there! I find it unbelievable that their “investigation” took less than one whole school day and once again they’re just letting it go! I will not stop fighting this. No one deserves this, and I’ll make sure no other LGBT teen in Floyd Co has to face this type of discrimination!”

Sheesh, we can’t believe the H.S. is basically ignoring the situation! At least Dalton is turning this experience into a positive by inspiring others!

Despite the pain of the homophobic snub, Dalton credits his teammates as having his back. The Kentucky native revealed:

“A kid tried to humiliate me by calling me a f****t in front of my entire fan base and team at a basketball tournament. I came out to my team on that day, and they all stood by my side in spite of the other team trying to scare and intimidate me because of my sexuality.”

Aw! We’re glad Dalton’s teammates have the compassion and maturity to stand up for what’s right!

So, do YOU think Maldonado’s high school should be held accountable for this “oversight“?

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Aug 13, 2015 12:33pm PDT

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