LeAnn Rimes Reveals Why She Takes FORTY Pills Every Day! Plus Find Out The Lengths She’s Gone To Feel Good About Her Body!

LeAnn Rimes describes her intense health regimen!

LeAnn Rimes doesn’t play when it comes to health and fitness!

So you can only imagine how much work it takes for the songstress to feel her best!

A new interview with Into The Gloss revealed a lot about the blonde beauty, including how she gets that rock hard bikini body of hers!

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And then of course, you might find out some things you NEVER knew! Would you have guessed she takes 40 pills… daily?! 4-0!

Read on to find out why and for even more HIGHlights:

On her vitamin regimen: “I’m a big vitamin person. I take like 20 pills in the morning and 20 at night├óΓé¼ΓÇ¥fish oil, prenatal vitamins, probiotics, biotin…I have an herbalist I work with who has put me on a bunch of different things. I’m very strict about making sure I take them.”

On her workouts: “At home, we have a gym upstairs. I switch it up between circuit training, Pilates, boxing, and yoga every once in a while. I also jump rope a lot when I’m on the road. That’s one thing that I carry with me because you can do it wherever.”

On feeling confident in her own skin: “I’ve had really bad psoriasis since I was 2. You’d never know it now, but I’ve been dealing with it a long time. I had to wear a lot of long pants or jeans and two or three pairs of pantyhose in the summertime. It was a nightmare. I started taking a biologic drug. I take a shot every two weeks, and I hate needles, but that’s what I had to do to get my skin clear. I went through every type of treatment known to man. Now, I’m on Humira├óΓé¼ΓÇ¥it was a shot in the dark, and thank God it worked. I do break out every so often, but I have topical stuff that I put on for that. When I was younger, I always wanted to hide it and never wanted to talk about it. My doctors told me I’d be surprised at how many celebrities have it and don’t want to talk about it. When they say beauty is way more than skin deep, it’s hard for people who have psoriasis to wrap their minds around that. Some people even think it’s contagious and want to stay away. I’ve had it under control for about 10 years, so it’s been this liberating thing for me to be able to wear shorts and a bikini. People make so much fun of me and my bikinis, but I would walk around naked if I could because I was one big scab at one point!”

On her spray tan obsession: ” I’m a white girl├óΓé¼ΓÇ¥seriously, so white├óΓé¼ΓÇ¥so I spray tan. James Read has this Tan Accelerator that smells like cinnamon. It’s so good. My assistant, Kiki, and I love to spray tan so much, so we finally bought a machine and started to spray each other. The machine is like $500, so we save so much money. We do it once or twice a week. It’s like a car wash.”

Hey, whatever works!!


[Image via LeAnn Rimes/Instagram.]

Aug 13, 2015 11:25am PST

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