Grace Helbig Just Got Rudely Slammed By Her Own Network!

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Well, this doesn’t seem very nice…

Grace Helbig is one of the most successful YouTubers out there, and solidified her place in pop culture with her very own late night TV show on E! this year.

And while The Grace Helbig Show didn’t do too well in the ratings, it wasn’t really her fault since the show itself was fun to watch and she didn’t have anything to do with her terrible Friday night time slot.

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Season One of the show ended back on June 7, and there’s been no word on a second season, but we think E! may have already decided the show’s fate.
That’s because E! Online sent a rather rude message out on Twitter on Monday, saying:


And not only is that insanely mean, we can’t help but notice that they used the wrong meme for their shade throwing.

“But That’s None Of My Business” doesn’t really apply to the situation since it literally was their business to give her a chance.

We still love ya, Grace!

[Image via Grace Helbig/Instagram.]

Aug 17, 2015 10:23pm PDT

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