WTF!? This Audience Member Climbed On Stage During A Play Because They Had To Pee! Find Out What Happened Next HERE!

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Theater is fear. Theater is pain. Theater is… not for bathroom emergencies!

Actress Christine Sherrill was waiting backstage to make her entrance during a production of The Fix when the doors to the stage suddenly opened the wrong way!

That’s because an audience member burst backstage because she was about to.. well, burst!

The woman had climbed onto the stage of the Signature Theatre in Arlington, VA and went through a door on the set — right in the middle of a scene — because she needed to use the bathroom!

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The bathroom emergency happened during Tina McCoy and Cal Chandler‘s onstage duet Alleluia. The two performers were on the opposite stage at the time and missed the audience member’s ambush!

Theater spokesperson James Gardiner said the woman, described as being in her mid-30s, was brought to the lobby restroom by the crew.

He explains that alcohol was likely the culprit of both her confusion and urge to urinate, saying:

“She appeared to be intoxicated when she was walked out to the lobby. They didn’t reseat her since it was too close to intermission and, as far as house management knows, her and one of the guests she came with left at intermission.”

The rest of the show went on without interruption. Hopefully, this is a good reminder that only actors are allowed to break the fourth wall in the theater, not the audience!

Peeing, charging your phone, come ON, people! You’re not at home!

Aug 18, 2015 1:42pm PST

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