Comedian Mike Epps Caught Flirting With Another Woman On Twitter! Who Caught Him? His Own WIFE!

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Cheaters gonna cheat, cheat, cheat!

Or at least, such is supposedly the case with comedian Mike Epps!

Last week, the Next Friday star was flirting with a woman on Twitter with the handle @ceciCitra.

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The two exchanged a few tweets including whether she was on Instagram, and whether the 44-year-old actor could direct message her.

@CeciCitra DM me
— Mike Epps (@TheRealMikeEpps) August 15, 2015

The only problem?

Epps is married and has four kids with actress Mechelle Epps!


What made the situation even more awkward is that Mechelle only recently saw their convo and outed both of them! She wrote:

@TheRealMikeEpps @CeciCitra ├░┼╕ΓÇÿΓé¼
— Mechelle Epps (@MechelleEpps) August 18, 2015

So much shade!

The Indiana-native tried to diffuse the situation by blocking ceciCitra, but it was too late.

And soon the Twitterverse exploded with memes and jokes!

Hopefully next time Mike will think twice before he hollers at another girl!

[Image via WENN.]

Aug 18, 2015 11:54am PDT

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