Stephen Colbert Says He Learned To Love The Untimely Death Of His Father & Brothers — Find Out Why HERE

stephen colbert talks dads death

Stephen Colbert has been through a lot.

In a revealing interview with GQ, the soon-to-be host of the Late Show talked about how his father and two elder brothers’ untimely death inspired him to become a performer who loves to share joy with his dedicated audience.

He even noted that he’s come to “love” the loss of his fallen family members.


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He revealed:

“You gotta learn to love the bomb. Boy, did I have a bomb when I was 10. That was quite an explosion. And I learned to love it. So that’s why. Maybe, I don’t know. That might be why you don’t see me as someone angry and working out my demons onstage. It’s that I love the thing that I most wish had not happened.”

What an honest answer.

His father, James, and brothers Paul and Peter were killed in the Eastern Airlines Flight 212 plane crash back in 1974 when he was only 10-years old. How tragic.

And Stephen shared it wasn’t until he was 35-years-old that he was able to come to terms with it. Whoa.

Though Colbert was the youngest of 11 children, he was closest in age to Paul and Peter and certainly felt their loss as his other siblings had already left home. Nonetheless, it appears that funny man had quite the role model in his mother Lorna.

He explained:

“I was left alone a lot after Dad and the boys died…. And it was just me and Mom for a long time. And by her example am I not bitter. By her example. She was not (bitter). Broken, yes. Bitter, no.”

How inspiring! Sometimes light is found in the darkest times.

Colbert went onto to describe how his belief in the Catholic faith also helped him through such a trying time. In fact, he explained that he found peace in a J.R.R Tolkien quote that asked:

“What punishments of God are not gifts?”

Apparently, the father-of-three relayed that he would feel ungrateful if he did not experience everything with gratitude. Hmm, how interesting.

It seems this experience is what lead the satirist to his fearless nature — and can you imagine what Comedy Central would’ve been like without Stephen’s unfiltered conservative character?!

We certainly can’t.

However, it seems that the late night TV host was ready to put aside his popular character before he was even offered the CBS gig. OMG!

We’re definitely excited to see him take on his challenging new role this September. We will 100% be tuning into his premiere — will U??

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Aug 18, 2015 11:22am PDT

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