Jared Fogle’s Attorney Speaks Out After The Former Subway Spokesperson Pleads Guilty To Child Sex Crimes

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We’re still SO stunned by this horrible sex scandal!

On Wednesday, Jared Fogle was charged with one count of travel to engage in illicit sexual contact with a minor and and one count of distribution and receipt of child pornography. So disgusting!

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Shortly after Fogle’s plea deal, which will earn him no less than 5 years in jail, his wife and the mother of his two children filed for divorce.

Now, the attorney of the former Subway spokesperson is speaking out on the scandal.

Jared’s legal representation released the following public statement on the controversy, saying:

“Jared Fogle is agreeing to plead guilty to the charges filed against him today. In doing so, Jared is accepting responsibility for what he has done. He is also volunteering to make restitution to those affected by his deplorable behavior. While Jared fully recognizes that such monetary contribution will not undo the harm he has caused, he is hopeful it will assist these individuals as they try to move forward with their lives.”

We’re glad J.F. is taking responsibility for his HEINOUS actions — it’s the least he can do for his victims.

His lawyer also added that the diet guru plants to undergo psychiatric treatment, saying:

“He has already begun that process by being extensively examined by a world-renowned expert in sexual conditions in order to chart a course to recovery. It is Jared’s intent and goal to become healthy again. Most importantly, Jared understands that he has hurt innocent people, vulnerable people, and his family. He has expressed remorse to me and to his loved ones, and will, when given the opportunity, express that remorse to this court and to the people he has harmed. His intent is to spend the rest of his life making amends.”

It sounds like Jared’s team is doing everything they can to rectify this situation.

We have a feeling, however, that the damage is done especially since Subway has cut ties.

Our thoughts are with Fogle’s victims.

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Aug 19, 2015 5:28pm PDT

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