Jessa Duggar Reportedly Upset That Josh Duggar’s Molestation Scandal Is Deflecting Attention Away From Her Pregnancy

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Jessa Duggar is feeling cheated these days.

Not only is the 22-year-old upset that 19 Kids & Counting was cancelled in light of the revelation that Josh Duggar molested his sisters as a teenager, but she’s also supposedly bitter that the scandal has now begun to affect her pregnancy.

Yep, girl has a lot of FEELINGS on her plate!

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The reality star, who is due November 1, has seen the contrast between her pregnancy and that of her older sister, Jill Duggar.

While Jill was pregnant with baby Israel, she received a lot of positive media attention in addition to a whole TLC special dedicated to the birth.

A source reveals that the Arkansas native can’t help but feel hurt, revealing:

“It is now bittersweet, because it’s not lost on Jessa that Jill giving birth to Israel got an entire TLC special devoted to it. Jessa would have liked to have had the same sort of platform to give thanks, show what a miracle she feels her child is and express her gratitude. The show isn’t there to chronicle this happy time, and even though she’s posting on social media, the scandal still gets brought up by commenters. So much has changed for Jessa compared to what Jill experienced, and it can’t be changed back. And that’s sad for her.”

We can definitely see why the 22-year-old would feel jealous. It’s unfortunate that Josh’s crimes, and the family’s subsequent cover-up of the situation, has put a damper on this special time.

Regardless of the drama, we look forward to meeting Jessa’s first baby!

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Aug 19, 2015 5:45pm PST

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