#Kleanse Spotlight: Kristen Griest & Shaye Haver Are Poised To Become The FIRST Women To Graduate From Army Ranger School!

Kristen Griest and Shaye Haver are making history as the first women to graduate from Army Rangers School!

These two are taking girl power to a whole new level!!

26-year-old First Lieutenant Kristen Griest and 25-year-old Captain Shaye Haver are making history this week as they’re set to become the first women EVER to graduate from the Army’s Ranger School!

The two West Point graduates were a part of the elite program’s first class to include women and participated alongside 380 men and 17 other women!

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And in case you’re wondering, this isn’t your typical boot camp!!

In fact, the Rangers are pretty much as badass as it gets as Kristen and Shaye had to survive 120 brutal days that took them from the swamps of Florida to the mountains of Georgia!

Oh, and did we mention they’re doing this all with very little food, sleep, and they’re carrying 100 pound bags with them the whole time?!

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Kristen and Shaye will receive their Ranger Tabs this Friday in Fort Benning, Georgia alongside 94 men who also completed the rigorous test, and they’re definitely paving the way for more women to graduate down the road!

Still have any doubts that ladies can hang with the boys???

[Image via Nick Tomecek/Northwest Florida Daily News via AP Images.]

Aug 19, 2015 6:30pm PDT

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