Shannen Doherty Has Breast Cancer — And She Says It’s Her Former Business Manager’s Fault!

Shannen blames her former manager for her cancer.

Oh no!

Shannen Doherty revealed that she has breast cancer, and she’s blaming it all on her former business manager!

The Charmed star has filed legal papers against Tanner, Mainstain, Glynn & Johnson because she says her management was negligent when handling her health insurance, which is why her diagnosis is so serious.

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Shannen claims in the lawsuit that, in 2013, the company received a bill for her insurance for the year of 2014, but ignored the invoice.

Since the bill never got paid, the actress said her coverage was canceled, and she couldn’t be insured again until this year. And it was also last February when the management firm fired her.

Between the time her policy was canceled and the time she was able to re-enroll, she didn’t visit her doctors on a regular basis.

So, when she finally went to a doctor this March, she not only learned that she had breast cancer, but also that it had spread to one of her lymph nodes.

So sad.

Shannen claims that doctors said the cancer metastasized during the time she couldn’t be covered, which is why she’s suing her former business manager.

Especially because they also say that if she had been properly covered, she could have caught the cancer much earlier, or maybe even prevented it.

Also according to the papers, Shannen will probably have to undergo a mastectomy and chemotherapy.

Additionally, her lawyer says the management firm has conducted some shady business in the past, and constantly try to target their famous clients by sneakily stealing their money. One complaint alleges:

“In truth, the firm and former partner [Steven] Blatt specialize in fleecing actors and entertainment industry professionals. After gaining control of all of their clients’ cash and assets, they find a way to lose it, sometimes by gross incompetence, sometimes by self-dealing and outright theft. Along the way, they habitually deceive their clients, going so far as to set up bogus transactions, to conceal their misdeeds, errors and omissions. The firm has hallmarks of a Ponzi scheme.”

This is such a horrible situation!

We can’t imagine what Shannen must be going through right now, and our hearts go out to her.

We wish her the best of luck with her battle.

[Image via Dennis Van Tine/WENN.]

Aug 19, 2015 3:38pm PST

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