EXCLUSIVE! Did Josh Duggar Create A Fake Facebook Account To Lure Women??

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Color us disturbed.

After a little digging, PerezHilton.Com may have EXCLUSIVE! info on Josh Duggar‘s cheating scandal, a MAJOR gaffe he publicly apologized for on Thursday.

Josh, who labeled himself the “biggest hypocrite ever”, might have created a fake Facebook profile (cat fish, anyone?!) to lure women into his web of cheating. Gross!

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Here’s the lowdown on why we think this FB profile, under the name Joe Smithson, was created by Mr.Duggar:

1. The email used to set up the FB account is the same one tied to the reality star’s Ashley Madison account.

2. The account was created in 2014, but has edited time stamps to reflect past events. In 2006, the user registered to vote, which is the same year Josh turned 18. In 2011, the user bought a house — the same year J.D. purchased a starter home.

3. Most of the women and pages the user befriends/likes are from Arkansas, where Duggar was born and lives today.

Yep, this info seems pretty compelling! Also, we gotta ask — how many secret accounts does one person need to cheat?!

One last bizarre tidbit of this story is that the profile picture the account holder used is of Jonathan Blankfein, the son of a CEO for Goldman Sachs! Someone needs to get this guy on the horn ASAP to let him know that his likeness is being used to lure unsuspecting women!!

So, do YOU think this is Josh’s profile?

[Image via Instagram.]

Aug 20, 2015 4:59pm PST

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