Jimmy Carter Says Cancer Has Spread To His Brain — But He’s Not Done Fighting! See His Inspiring Words!

jimmy cartner cancer spread brain treatment

This is so sad but we’re glad he’s staying strong!

Last week, former President Jimmy Carter announced that he had surgery to remove a mass from his liver in early August. During the operation, the doctors discovered that the mass was melanoma and that the cancer had spread to other parts of his body.

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In a press conference held today, we learned that one of those places was the 39th President’s brain, where four separate spots of melanoma were detected.

President Carter said about first learning of the diagnosis:

“I just thought I had a few weeks left. But I was surprisingly at ease. I’ve had a wonderful life, I’ve had thousands of friends, and I’ve had an exciting and adventurous and gratifying existence. So I was surprisingly at ease.”

But Carter is staying strong and is actually scheduled for his first radiation treatment later today!

He’s also staying positive about the experience, saying:

“I’ll be prepared for anything that comes… Now I feel it’s in the hands of God.”

The former POTUS has has been very active since the end of his run as head of state and is famously known for working with such groups as Habitat for Humanity as well as winning a Nobel Peace Prize for founding the nonprofit Carter Center.

Though the recent health issues will force him to take a step back from the Carter Center he has said he will continue to go to some meetings as well as carry on with some lighter duties.

We’re wishing the President all the best and hope he wins this fight!

[Image via Hugh Dillon/WENN.]

Aug 20, 2015 11:19am PDT

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