WNBA’s Glory Johnson Had THIS To Say After Being Denied Spousal Support From Brittney Griner!

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Does this mean Glory Johnson and Brittney Griner can FINALLY move on?

On Thursday, a judge in Arizona denied WNBA star Glory spousal support from her wife of 28 days, Brittney. And it was just earlier this week, a judge shut down Britt’s request that the May marriage be annulled due to Glory’s alleged cheating with an ex-boyfriend.

Well, you lose some and you win some, right?!

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Surprisingly, Johnson wasn’t upset by the court’s decision to deny her $20,000 a MONTH, saying:

“I feel relieved and thankful now that this stressful situation is coming to an end. I was honest throughout this entire painful experience, and I have no regrets. Now, I feel like I am finally free to focus on the things in my life that really matter.”

Considering the athlete is PREGNANT with twin girls, we bet she has a lot to focus on! We just wonder how Glory will support herself now that she can’t play basketball at the moment…

Johnson elaborated on the hearing’s ruling, adding:

“I get to enjoy being a mom, surrounded by the loving support of my family, and look forward to continuing my exciting career playing the game that I love. I’m thankful for those who believed in me and supported me during this trying time. Continue to have faith because right is right and wrong is wrong.”

We like the positive attitude, girl! It’s refreshing!

Brittney, who has preferred to stay out of the spotlight during the proceedings, released the following statement from her lawyer:

“We are very pleased that the judge has ruled, after evaluating the credibility of the testimony, that a 28-day marriage does not entitle Glory Johnson to Brittney Griner’s money for purposes of alimony, Mercedes car payments or attorney’s fees.”

Yep, that’s a very to the point response!

Hopefully this development will bring the ladies one step close to divorce, which both parties seem to want at this point!

So, do YOU think Glory deserved spousal support?

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Aug 21, 2015 12:03pm PDT

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