Unbelievable Photos Show Two Men Selflessly Rescuing Two Girls From Drowning Amid Very Rough Waves

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This is an incredible story out of Michigan.

A photographer named Mike Dixon was on the beach taking photos of strong waves crashing into a lighthouse in Grand Haven, Michigan, this week when he noticed a man heading into the water with a life preserver.

Dixon thought it was strange, since the man was sprinting into the water and the photographer hadn’t seen anybody out there for quite a while. But very quickly, Dixon noticed two girls far out in the water, struggling to stay above water.

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Dixon quickly realized that rescuing the two girls in the difficult water conditions would be too much for anyone without a flotation device, so he signaled to some surfers that help was needed — and the surfers came through!

Surfer Zebulon Boeskool was in the water at the time and rushed to the aid of the girls, as Dixon snapped unbelievable pictures, helpless on the shore:

“The first guy rescued the first girl, but could not reach the second girl because the waves kept knocking him back. I started using my zoom lens to locate the girls and we directed the rescuers to the girls location because with the wave height they couldn’t see her. At some point I thought that I should document it, so I started taking photos. Zeb was finally able to reach the second girl and bring her to safety. She wasn’t breathing at the time, but they did revive her. If Zeb would not have been there, I’m sure she would have perished.”


The pictures tell the entire incredible story of Boeskool and the first man — who Dixon said has requested to remain anonymous — as they took their own lives in their hands to save those of two strangers.

According to Dixon, both girls are expected to make a full recovery.

Dixon’s entire Facebook photo album of the event is worth a look — the pictures are incredible, and the bravery shown by the two men risking their lives to make those rescues is SO heroic!!

[Images via Mike Dixon/Facebook.]

Aug 22, 2015 4:27pm PDT

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