YouTube Surprise Pregnancy Husband Admits To His Ashley Madison Account — But He Says He’s Already Been Forgiven, By God And His Wife!

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We all know Sam Rader and his wife Nia, who took the Internet by storm with a surprise pregnancy announcement (and then miscarriage news) this month.

And of course we reported on the dirt being dug up regarding Sam having a paid Ashley Madison account — which the couple has now admitted!!

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In a rambling YouTube video posted last night, Sam comes clean about his Ashley Madison account, but is quick to pull the God card — and he says he’s been forgiven of his sins because, you know, it’s just like that easy (yeah, ok).

Watch the incoherent vid (below):

Yikes!! Nothing worse than failing to take actual responsibility for your actions and using religion as an excuse. Like, when you mess up, own up to it. It’s not about whether God forgave you, you’re still a cheater and a liar and a hypocrite!

Of course, this is the only time Sam will ever be acknowledging this controversy, too — which probably makes it all the more easy for them to slip into denial. And his poor, poor wife…

What do U guys think???

[Image via YouTube.]

Aug 22, 2015 9:43am PDT

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