What The What?! Wiz Khalifa Gets Handcuffed At The Airport Because He Was Riding A Hoverboard!

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This is a new one!

Wiz Khalifa was handcuffed at LAX on Saturday when the rapper refused to get off his hoverboard (seriously!) after cops at the airport request he do so.

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The rapper posted a picture to Twitter on Saturday night documenting the incident (above), and also went off on Twitter afterwards about the hoverboard itself and the way the police handled it. Ch-ch-check out the rapper’s tweets (below):

Well OK then!

In all seriousness, it’s good to see Wiz wasn’t hurt or anything like that — and maybe more importantly that he’s confident hoverboard technology will be here in the next six months!! So far, no word yet on any law enforcement comments about the incident.

What do U think — overreaction by the cops, or should Wiz have just gotten off the board when the asked him??

[Image via Wiz Khalifa/Twitter.]

Aug 23, 2015 10:41am PDT

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