Here Are The Top Five Scariest (And Dramatic) Moments From The Fear The Walking Dead Premiere! Spoilers!

ftwd premiere

*** WARNING: spoilers (below)! ***

Did The Walking Dead world just get scarier?!

It appears so after last night’s EPIC series premiere for the highly anticipated spin-off, Fear The Walking Dead.

Though we’re not 100% shocked by this, as the AMC prequel explores the beginning of the zombie apocalypse that we’ve come to know and love.

May we just say that hindsight makes it all the scarier?! The fact the show follows one family in Los Angeles with a family means there’s more at stake and more danger.

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This episode had everything from a captivating opening scene to a very bloody final act.

With so much that happened in just ONE episode let’s take a look at the most terrifying moments from this intense episode!

1. As we previously reported, the creators Robert Kirkman and Dave Erickson shared the scary (yet awesome) 3-minute opening scene a week prior to the premiere. The first few moments features drug-addict Nick, played by Frank Dilane, waking up from a foggy bender in an abandoned church to find his friend (who’s clearly been zombified) chomping down on a fellow druggie. Like any sane person, Nick flees the scene…but is unfortunately hit by a car. Though we’ve already watched this scene on repeat — we still found ourselves clutching to our pillows.

2. Now in the hospital, Nick must defend what he saw to his step-father Travis Manawa, played by Cliff Curtis. Though Nick is a total druggie and should be an unreliable source, we found it touching that Travis made the effort to investigate his step-son’s claims. If we were in shoes we’d probably be like, “Zombies?! LOLz, ok.” Is that a bad sign for us when the actual apocalypse hits?!

Anywho, Travis heads to the church only to discover a ton of blood and remains — and a whole lot more.

3. Remember this is still an AMC show so the drama is REAL. The twenty-something/current PTSD survivor flees the hospital as he anxiously awaits answers on his previous encounter with the deceased. When Travis and Nick’s mom Madison Clark, played by Kim Dickens, attempt to hunt down the troubled family member they arrive back at the church/crack den. Miz Dickens’ character discovers her son’s belongings, including drug paraphernalia, in a particularly heartbreaking scene. Madison realizes her son is trouble — but little does she know the trouble her WHOLE family is about to get into.

4. One of the most terrifying things about El Lay is the… TRAFFIC. No joke. The dutiful parents find themselves in quite the standstill following their church investigation. However, add walkers to the mix and it is so much worse. The next day, grisly police footage shows that a supposedly dead victim that caused the traffic backup rose from the dead only to attack the emergency team surrounding him. Aaah! Since it is the 21st century, many California residents chalked up the incident to a viral prank. NO. RUN NOW.

5. If there is one thing we’ve taken away from this episode is that we can always count on Nick to complicate things. The traumatized youth meet with his drug-dealer/friend Calvin to find out if his product was laced with anything. Like any encounter with a drug dealer, Calvin becomes paranoid that Nick ratted him out to the cops and pulls a gun on him. The pair struggle over the weapon resulting in Calvin’s death. Again, the parents-of-the-year find Nick with Calvin’s fresh corpse. Of course, with it being the TWD universe, the trio come face-to-face with the undead as Calvin’s corpse reanimates and the family flees the TERRIFYING, zombie’s wrath in the final beats of the episode.

What did U think?? Did we miss any of your favorite moments?!

SOUND OFF in the comments (below) and ch-ch-check next week’s FTWD on Sunday at 9 p.m. ET/PT on AMC.

Aug 24, 2015 7:38am PDT

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