Steve-O Is Being Charged For That Crazy Construction Crane Stunt He Pulled — Find Out How Long He Could Be Locked Up!

Steve-O is being charged for climbing to the top of a construction crane!

Would you honestly expect anything less than over-the-top from Steve-O?

The Jackass star was arrested earlier this month after he caused quite the commotion in Hollywood! Police responded to what they thought was a suicidal jumper who had climbed to the top of a construction crane in LA.

But when they arrived, it turns out it was actually the comedian, putting on quite the protest against SeaWorld.

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Donning a Blackfish t-shirt — as an obvious jab at the marine life attraction — Steve-O made his way to the crane’s tippy top, all while carrying a giant inflatable whale!

Now he’s facing not one, not two, but FIVE misdemeanor charges. Yikes!

The LA City Attorney is slapping Steve-O for creating a false emergency, use of unregistered fireworks, storing and possession of fireworks without permit, and trespassing.

Now, you might be thinking that the punishment can’t be that bad for a few misdemeanors, right? Not so fast, Perezcious readers!

If the reality TV star gets convicted for all the charges he’s facing, he could be behind bars for up to four and a half YEARS!

Is it just us, or does that seem like a harsh punishment for someone who was just trying to protest a corporation that allegedly abuses animals?

What do U think? SOUND OFF in the comments!

[Image via Steve-O/Instagram.]

Aug 24, 2015 8:15pm PDT

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