Donald Trump Attacks Megyn Kelly AGAIN — Is This Bordering On Cyber Bullying?!

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UGH! We’re seriously getting tired of this crap!

Last night marked the return of Megyn Kelly to The Kelly File after an eleven day vacation that was previously unscheduled.

That vacation came after Donald Trump and Kelly got into it a bit at the debate and if you remember, Trump made that extremely sexist remark about the Fox News host having “blood coming out of her wherever” that he’s since somehow tried to defend.

Trump then talked to the president of Fox News and reportedly smoothed things over, which resulted in Kelly taking the unscheduled vacation. Proving to the world, when you’re Trump and you have the money, you can get someone removed from their job for just doing their job because you don’t like them for asking harder hitting questions at a debate.

Well last night during Kelly’s return, Trump decided it was a good idea to take to Twitter and once again speak his mind about the host — something we think we’ve ALL heard enough of by now.

Trump tweeted:

These opinions he tweeted out of course sparked his supporters to jump on board the bashing bandwagon and he retweeted one of their comments:

Once again, Kelly was SIMPLY DOING HER JOB and there was absolutely NO reason for Trump to go out of his way to bash the Fox News host other than the fact that he wanted to.

Knowing that he also has a “HUGE” following and he influences people, don’t you think that Trump is smart enough to know that his actions are going to inspire others to follow suit?

If that’s the case, we think Donald is doing nothing more than resorting to cyber bullying Kelly at this point.

As a presidential candidate, don’t you think he has ANYTHING better to do than than to waste his time and effort in getting into a spat with an anchor for reporting the news and asking questions? He doesn’t need to defend himself, because she wasn’t attacking. The presidential hopeful resorting to name calling by regurgitating one of his supporter’s insults doesn’t seem very presidential.

We’re so sick and tired of Trump and his asinine, jackass-ish behavior, we just hope one day karma pays him a visit.

As for Kelly, well she took the high road by not directly addressing Trump’s tweets and simply tweeted:

But then again, this could be because she’s worried about speaking up and losing her job, because apparently that happens when, you know, you just do your job.

Keep it up, Kelly, and ignore all the word-vomit Trump keeps spewing!

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Aug 25, 2015 8:35am PDT

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