Joe Biden’s Son Linked To An Ashley Madison Account! But Was It His???

Hunter Biden sounds off on his alleged Ashley Madison account.


Joe Biden‘s son has been named in the Ashley Madison leak! The Vice President’s son, Hunter, has been connected to an email address that was dug up in the wake of the cheating website’s hack!

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However, unlike certain public figures who have copped to being tied to paid accounts, Hunter is adamant that the profile in question is absolutely NOT his.

He released a statement where he expresses that he’s been framed in this situation:

“I am certain that the account in question is not mine. This account was clearly set up by someone else without my knowledge and I first learned about the account in question from the media.”

The businessman-slash-lawyer says that he’s been impersonated in the past:

“This is, unfortunately, not the first time that someone has used my name and identity to try to discredit me. From my understanding through press accounts, it is very easy to set up an account without someone’s knowledge as there is no requirement that an email address be verified and I am certain that is what happened in this case.”

The records show an old Gmail account of Hunter’s, which he insists he doesn’t use anymore. The credit card on file is also under Hunter’s birth name, Robert.

A source in the Biden camp, however, says there are some things about the information on Ashley Madison that just doesn’t add up.

For example, the birthday listed on the site is off by ten years. They were also able to track the IP address to Jacksonville, Florida — which we can’t help but notice is nowhere near Washington D.C., which is listed on the profile as Hunter’s residence.

And, in a screenshot of the alleged account, it reveals the email address had not been verified. The insider added that Hunter being hacked isn’t uncommon:

“His Gmail has been compromised in the past, as has his Twitter.”

In fact, last year someone established a fake company in the UK, and used Hunter’s name to do so. The source says:

“Unfortunately, there’s a pattern of this that Hunter’s been dealing with on a case-by-case basis. But he’s a private citizen and wishes the hassle didn’t also have to be news.”

So what do you think, Perezcious readers?

Is this just another Hunter hack? Or is Joe Biden’s son trying to avoid being caught in a lie?

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Aug 25, 2015 3:54pm PDT

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