Watch This Runner Celebrate A Race Too Early — And Lose A Bronze Medal In The Last Few Steps!

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To run that far… only to mess it all up at the end!

Poor Molly Huddle was running for the American track team at the World Athletics Championship in Beijing, China on Monday when she made one of the biggest mistakes of her running career.

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At the end of the 10,000 meter race, within the final ten meters of an easy third place finish and a bronze medal soon to be around her neck, Huddle slowed up just slightly and raised her arms in triumph… only the runner behind her just keep running!

Emily Infeld was in fourth place with just a couple meters to go, and when Huddle raised her arms and slowed down just a bit, Infeld snuck right past her to finish in third, literally in the final step of the entire long, difficult race!

Ch-ch-check out the emotional moment for both women (below):

Poor Molly Huddle. That girl just needs a hug!! (And probably a do-over.)

But on the bright side… Huddle will (probably) never make that mistake again!

[Image via YouTube.]

Aug 25, 2015 10:24am PST

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