When This Woman Was Told Her Expensive Cognac Wasn’t Allowed On The Plane, She Downed The ENTIRE BOTTLE! Unfortunately…

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This. Woman. Is. AWESOME!!!!!

After purchasing a $200 bottle of cognac in an American airport, a Chinese woman identified only as Ms. Zhao was stopped while boarding a connection at Beijing’s airport.

Why? She was informed that she couldn’t bring the bottle on to her flight to the Chinese city of Wenzhou.

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The woman, when confronted with this unfortunate fact by the authorities, did what only a true badass would do: she promptly chugged the entire bottle right there at the gate!

You can probably already guess where this is going, but sadly… gate agents wouldn’t let her board the plane after getting so incredibly drunk!

After shouting at them for a while, Zhao fell to the ground in a heap of drunken regret (but also badassery).

The cops took her to a quiet room where she rested and sobered up — for more than seven hours — until her family could finally come and pick her up from the airport.

So was Zhao’s impromptu feat a dangerous airport action or act of Civil Disobedience??

What do U think?

Aug 25, 2015 4:45pm PDT

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