Burger King Wants To Join Forces With McDonald’s To Make The ‘McWhopper’ — Is This The End Of The Fast Food Beef??

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We can’t think of a rivalry more intense than that of McDonald’s and Burger King!

Throughout the years, the fast food titans have both tried to declare supremacy against one another — but their epic battle could be taking a break!

Burger King is proposing that McDonald’s buries the hatchet to create the McWhopper — a burger of unity crossbred between the Whopper and the Big Mac!

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Not only will the proposed burger be absolutely delicious, but BK hopes the cease-fire will raise awareness for Peace Day!

A statement for the effort read:

“Our invitation might be unexpected, but it’s 100% sincere. Burger King genuinely wants to unite with McDonald’s on September 21, 2015, to prepare and serve the McWhopper and get the world talking about peace day.”

If Micky D’s signs the peace treaty, the two burger companies will sell the McWhopper at an Atlanta, Georgia pop-up restaurant on September 21!

We hope McDonald’s is in, because this cause will generate ton of great awareness out for Peace Day — also, just because we’re really craving a McWhopper right about now!

Check out the proposition video (below)!

[Image via Burger King/McDonald’s.]

Aug 26, 2015 6:03pm PDT

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