ANOTHER Supposedly Dead Game Of Thrones Character Might Be Coming Back In Season 6! Find Out Who!

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Game Of Thrones may bring back more than one character who is believed to be dead in season 6!


It’s been reported that Rory McCann, who plays Sandor Clegane a.k.a. The Hound, has been spotted at a hotel frequently used by HBO‘s hit fantasy series while they film in Belfast, Ireland!

Could this mean he’s not dead after all??

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We last saw The Hound in season 4, after he lost a fight to Brienne of Tarth over the protection of Arya. The wounded Hound asked Arya to kill him, but she left him to suffer to his death — because Arya is a stone cold killer like that.

Fans have been speculating that The Hound never actually died, and he might be concealing his identity in the form of another mysterious character featured in the books!

In A Feast For Crows, we meet a huge gravedigger with similar injuries to The Hound’s, who conceals his face with a scarf! There are plenty of other clues to this Gravedigger Theory that links back to The Hound.

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While the GoT showrunners revealed that the series wouldn’t exactly follow the books, the fact that McCann was spotted in Belfast definitely supports the theory that he hasn’t croaked just yet!

This makes the second supposedly dead character to be seen in the Belfast location where GoT films. Kit Harington, who plays fan-favorite character Jon Snow, was seen making his way to Belfast last month!

Do YOU think we’ll see more of The Hound when GoT returns next spring?

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Aug 26, 2015 2:47pm PDT

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