Is All The #Deflategate Drama Putting A Strain On Tom Brady & Gisele B├â┬╝ndchen’s Marriage?! Deets HERE!

tom brady marriage update

Is Tom Brady and Gisele B├â┬╝ndchen‘s marriage in trouble?!

The A-listers seem to have the perfect life. but after the Patriots player’s recently Deflategate scandal it’s rumored there has been some tension on the home front.

One source shared:

“There have been a lot of stresses in their marriage in the last year, especially during football season. Tom is singularly focused on his career and sometimes Gisele feels left out. There have been arguments.”

Oh no!

Innerestingly enough the duo did not spend their birthdays together this year. Not to mention, that Miz B├â┬╝ndchen was also missing from her husband’s court hearing and preseason game against the Green Bay Packers. Yikes!

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However, those close to the famous pair are vehement that nothing has changed between the entertainment powerhouses.

An insider explained:

“This summer was just a bit different. Gisele had a lot going on, so they weren’t always in the same place at the same time.”

Fair point.

Though the MVP did add fuel to the fire when a picture surfaced of Ben Affleck‘s controversial nanny trying on the football star’s four Superbowl rings from a Las Vegas trip back in June.

Nonetheless, the Brazilian beauty shared a gush-worthy post (below) on Instagram earlier this month.

Cherynne Montanero, girlfriend of Tom’s teammate Chandler Jones, noted:

“They have a good relationship. They seem to have found the balance of having a family and then having a career.”


Another insider relayed:

“They’re living their life, and they’re doing great. They didn’t spend his birthday together because he was in training camp.”

Well that makes sense!

It’s said that the gorgeous duo have also been spotted out and about Boston with no apparent tension between them. While on a recent date night at Del Frisco’s Grille in Chestnut Hill, MA an onlooker claimed:

“It was just them, no kids. They wanted to be tucked away in the back booth. They definitely seemed happy.”

Phew! It the seems the Brady clan are steadfast in their dedication to family.

A pal close to the famous family claimed:

“She’s being a supportive wife, just like anybody whose husband would be going through something like this. They’re surprisingly pretty simple people and very down to earth. Family is first on all fronts.”

We’re thrilled to hear that first couple of the NFL are still going strong. Tom, Gisele, know you two are creating some serious #RelationshipGoals right now!

[Image via Rob Rich/WENN.]

Aug 27, 2015 12:35pm PST

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