#Kleanse Spotlight: This Woman On Twitter Took Down A Sexist Troll In The Most HIGHlarious Fashion!

Sexist tweet sparks hilarious takedown!

Can all Twitter wars please be this fun and hilarious?

After a woman (@Tighe_er) traveling in Japan shared an image of a sign advising men to keep from “manspreading,” i.e. spreading their legs so wide on a train seat that nobody else can sit beside them, a man (@Lostlife2015) on Twitter called her out for being sexist.

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What followed was one of the most hilarious and creative troll takedowns EVER!

It helped that the man opposed to the manspreading signage complained about women “nattering on” about their summer holidays, because that gave the original tweeter an idea!

She decided to tell him ALL about her summer fun timez in Europe, complete with PICTURES!!!

Here’s the original manspreading sign that was tweeted:

And then @Lostlife2015’s response:

So it began … @Tighe_er started out with a photo of her on a plane and then her Barcelona apartment:

She regaled the man with images of Sitges, a charming coastal town in Spain:

She even shared her not-so fun timez:

And then other tweeters joined in on the shenanigans:

Be careful what you reply, @Lostlife2015!

But we hope you enjoyed all the beautiful holiday photos. Europe is truly gorgeous!

[Image via Tighe_er & Lostlife2015 Twitter]

Aug 27, 2015 12:27pm PDT

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