Ellen Page Says It’s ‘Borderline Offensive’ Being Called ‘Brave’ For Playing LGBT Roles! Do YOU Agree With Her Stand??

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This fall, Ellen Page is set to portray a gay character on screen for the first time since coming out as a lesbian in early 2014!

The 28-year-old will play opposite Julianne Moore in the upcoming drama Freehold, where the two actresses will play a lesbian couple who fight for domestic partner rights after one of them is diagnosed with cancer.

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While the Juno star loved playing the role of Stacie Andree, she admits that she’s not a fan of the dramatic reception that comes with playing an LGBTQ character.

She revealed:

“I have a hard time when people call actors brave [for playing LGBTQ characters]. I don’t really get that, because our job is to read something on a page… I’m never going to be considered brave for playing a straight person, and nor should I be. Honestly, if I played gay characters for the rest of my career, I’d be thrilled.”

Preach, gurl!

The petite actress continued to say that she found it “borderline offensive” when people called actors brave for playing gay roles, because doing so also says that it’s controversial or risky to play a character who isn’t straight.

But Page hopes the film will encourage a shift in how audiences perceive minority roles, continuing:

“The whole reason to go to a film is to disappear into another world, and to have your humanity connect with someone else’s, who you might not ever meet in your life. I’m hoping the shift is going to come really quick now.”

Do YOU agree with Ellen’s stance?

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Aug 28, 2015 7:22pm PDT

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