Married To Medicine‘s Jill Connors Ordered To Go To Rehab After Allegedly Attacking Her Husband!

Jill is facing charges AND rehab!

There’s so much going on here.

Married to Medicine cast member Jill Connors was facing charges for allegedly attacking her husband Dr. John Connors in their Georgia home. She had previously been arrested — and released the next day — earlier this month.

The ordeal started after her husband confronted her about cheating on him because he found text messages on her phone that revealed she was having an affair with a man who has not been identified.

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The police report says she got violent after the doctor threatened to seek custody of their kids:

“John stated he and Jill started arguing about the matter in the kitchen, and he told Jill that she could not cheat on him, and that he would take the children if he needed to.”

The cops said that Jill didn’t deny the assault when they questioned her, writing in the report that she said:

“‘I hit him. I started it, I know.’ Jill went on to say that they were arguing about her affair with another male. Jill said John threatened to take the children, and she became very upset. Jill said she was so angry with John that she struck John in the face, and she scratched him on his body. Jill said she was really scared that he would take the children from her.”

However, she and John’s stories stopped matching up when it came to the crazy cutting. Authorities say that Jill claimed John began to cut her after he had dialed the emergency hotline. One officer wrote:

“I asked Jill to describe the way he cut her, and she could not describe the details of how he cut her. I asked Jill what knife he used, and where it was at, and she could not provide answers to any of those questions.”

The cops clearly didn’t buy her side of the story, since she was facing charges of battery AND cruelty to children.

As for now, she’s being ordered to go to rehab for substance abuse! On top of that, a judge is also requiring her to complete a 24-week intervention for domestic violence at a facility with the court’s stamp of approval.

We are so relieved that the kids weren’t hurt, and we really hope Jill is able to get the help that she needs.

[Image via Bravo.]

Aug 28, 2015 4:25pm PDT

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